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Sakuran (arty farty cinema i love you)

So yesterday me and my husband (gosh it still feels very strange to say so)
decided we will do the arty farty thingy and we would go to see a movie which is not mainstream and more importantly absolutely NOT made in America (you all know my take on blockbusters)and after much deliberation we decided to go and watch SAKURAN
it is showing at the ICA if you are interested....
before movieing (as i like to call it)we went to the narrow boat for an outrageously overpriced (37.00 pounds) and not so good meal (that pub has seen the last of me)
we then made our way to the ICA....
(early night...dark sky...chatty tourists)
richard:"ahhh i did not know there was a movie theater, over here on the Mall"
barbara:"well it is not really a movie theater, per se it's part of the ICA"
richard "the what?"
barbara:"ICA... Institute of contemporary art"
richard- looking at Barbara with a knowing face:"ahhh it's one of those isn't it?"
barbara- with a strange glint in her eyes kind of knowing "what's coming on":"One of those what???"
richard:"One of those alternative, my father is very rich but i pretend to be a striving artist and live in chelsea with my parents' money,subversive leftistish kind of places where they only play arty farty black and white with subtitles kind of movies??????"
so we went tickets; i got 2 leftistish subversive books, richard almost bought a copy of a magazine called BUTT(no guess what it is about:P)
and we went into the movie theater,...8 people in all...amazingly great i had space i could stretch and most important no pop corns, nachos, candies, ice cream etc etc etc - no kids screaming - no i came to the movies to catch up kind of people - and most important a good movie...
richard got bored, but after 2 hours of japanese subtitled i can see his point of view...he did enjoy the boobs though...(the movie boobs, not my boobs...)
all in all a good evening
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